Let us tell you a little about the world's first virtual R/C brand. The Revolectrix Group is a unique conglomerate of Radio Control (R/C) Hobby distributors spanning thirty five countries. Conceptualized in 2005 it brought together over 60 years of experience in RC into a new and unique format not found elsewhere. The idea brought design, manufacturing and sales of R/C products under one roof leveraging off world leading capabilities from around the globe.
Three inception members namely LEO Industries of Singapore (manufacture), FMA Direct from USA (design) and Aurorra from the UK (sales lead) started the unique initiative. That is, to consolidate design, sales and manufacture for one common purpose ... the virtual brand. That is a brand no one owns so that you, the end consumer gets the best product and the best price with trusted support. Since the inception, membership has grown steadily.
Revolectrix is now moving into another year as a virtual brand and the future looks bright. Check out some of the cutting edge products in our website and see for yourself that quality products and superior support can still be synonymous. We stand by the products we design, make and sell
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Cellpro Dual PowerLab 8 Combo 2 (Combo with MPA-XH)
Combo Contents: 1 Cellpro Dual PowerLab 8x2 Battery Workstation, 2 MPA-XH (Multi-Port Safe Parallel ..
Rp 6,500,000
Cellpro PowerLab 6 EC5 Combo 7 (Combo with MPA and FUIM3)
NEW COMBO! Combo Contents: 1 Cellpro PowerLab 6 EC5-equipped Battery Workstation, 1 MPA-XH (Multi-Po..
Rp 3,250,000
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